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Huzzah at the beach photoWelcome to “Shamrocks In The Wind.” We are a Celtic Ballad Folk Duo. . .We are also Ceramic and Stained Glass Artists. As Musicians: We sing traditional ballads, fun pub songs, rolick'n sea songs and other folk songs. We occasionally have been joined by instrumentalists on fiddle, pipes, penny whistle and bodhran in both live performance and in the studio. Our goal is to keep the heritage of Irish and Scots ballads alive and pass it on to the next generation. We encourage our audience to participate by: singing, clapping, or dancing along. We try to be kid friendly "if we know" they are in the audience. "Shamrocks In The Wind" ™ has performed regularly throughout the nation at pubs, luxury resorts, restaurants, festivals and special events. We have also performed internationally in Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. We have opened for many well-known performers including the Kingston Trio, Glen Yarbrough, the Wolftones, and more......We would love to play for you!
As Artists: While we were on the road full-time making music, it was difficult to practice our art. A motorhome just doesn't have the room for a studio and there just wasn't much time... Now that we are lumbered, we are again working in Ceramics, Stained and Molded Glass, and mixed-media. Karol's Dragons are all unique – no two are alike. Our Ceramic creations are original, often whimsical, exquisite, and beautiful. You must see them to appreciate them. We sell primarily at galleries and festivals but you can see some of our work in these web pages.
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A Voyage Of Passion CD
A Voyage of Passion!
Love of Country! Love of Family! Love of Significant Other!
Digital Downloads: The entire album is available in Mp3 format at CD Baby on Our CD Baby page!
We hope you enjoy this album as much as we did recording it...…
(Get more songs for your money if you buy the whole CD on Disc)

1) The Galway Shawl/5:36
2) Red Is The Rose/4:03
3) Come To My Bedside/4:40
4) The Belle Of Broughton/3:56
5) The Snowy Breasted Pearl/3:23
6) These Are My Mountains/4:41
7) The Gallant Forty Twa/2:48
8) Sweet Sixteen/4:21
9) Sleive Na Mban/4:18
10) Nancy Spain/4:53
11) My Old Man/4:00
12) A Lady Fair/4:58
13) The Isle Of Innisfree/4:24
14) The Voyage/4:35

Shamrocks In The Wind ™ © Copyright 2004
Stuck In The Chimney CD Photo
Stuck in the Chimney……
..Our Christmas Album…
We love to have fun at Christmas. Come share it with us........

1) Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
2) Scarlet Ribbons
3) I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
4) My Rusty Chevrolet
5) Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer***
6) The Marvelous Toy
7) Lord Of The Dance
8) Frosty The Snowman
9) I Wish They'd Do It Now***
10) Nutt'n For Christmas
11) Let There Be Peace On Earth
12) Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer
13) Silent Night
14) Walk'n 'Round In Womens Underwear***
15) The 12 Days Of Christmas-(Almost Right??!!??)
16) There's Another Santa Claus***
17) Silver Bells
18) We Wish You A Merry Christmas


Shamrocks In The Wind © Copyright 2003
Uncensored CD Photo
Uncensored - Live Performance!
"Uncensored" is volume two of the "Galway's" performance. A couple of the songs may need to be reviewed before playing for children. Lots of audience participation songs. Lots of fun pub songs. Just good clean fun.

1) The Scotsman's Kilt
2) Whiskey You're The Devil
3) The German Clockwinder
4) Dicey Riley
5) Don't Pet The Dog
6) Nobody's Moggy ***
7) William Bloat
8) Side By Side
9) The Holy Ground
10) The Bog Down In The Valley-O
11) Twice Daily
12) Rosin Du Bow
13) I Thought I Found Atlantis
14) Sylvest ***
15) The Irish Rover
16) 7-Nights Drunk
17) The Jolly Tinker
18) Whiskey In The Jar.


Shamrocks In The Wind/Murphy's Law ™ © Copyright 1997
Huzzah...Our Rennfaire CD Photo
Huzzah! Bawdy Ballads!…
...A Rennfaire CD!
The most fun you can have dressed in garb or in street clothes! although John had to talk me into recording a couple of the songs!!!
The entire album is available in Mp3 format at CD Baby on Our CD Baby page! or Get Mp3's at iTunes…

1) The Molecatcher,
2) The Jolly Tinker,
3) The Chastity Belt,
4) Four Drunken Maidens,
5) When I Was Single,
6) Maids When Your Young,
7) Landlord, Fill The Flowing Bowl,
8) The Chicken Song,
9) Captain Butlers Wine,
10) Follow The Band,
11) The Barley Moe,
12) The Handsome Cabin Boy,
13) The Old Dun Cow,
14) The Fairy Story,
15) I'm A Rambler,
I'm A Gambler,
16) Pokin' Round My Knee,
17) Whistling Gypsy Rover,
18) The Golden Days of Sail

Shamrocks In The Wind ™ © Copyright 2007
In The Irish Mist CD Photo
In The Irish Mist…Cd 1
Mild or Rowdy! - Your choice...
This CD is the first in the set of two, In the Irish Mist is milder, Walk the Plank is Rowdier!

1) Rolling Home,
2) Donegal Danny,
3) Fiddler's Green,
4) Handsome Cabin Boy,
5) Boys of Killybegs,
6) A Lady Fair,
7) The Bonny Shoals of Herring,
8) The Morning Glory,
9) Dublin Lady,
10) The Last Farewell,
11) When the Shipyards Go Back On Full Time,
12) Leave her Johhny.

Shamrocks In The Wind/Murphy's Law ™ © Copyright 2001
Walk The Plank CD Photo
Walk The Plank!...Cd 2
Walk The Plank is the second CD in the double set with" In The Irish Mist."…

1) The Holy Ground,
2) All For Me Grog,
3) The Bold Princess Royal,
4) Chick'n On A Raft,
5) Botany Bay,
6) The Eddystone Light,
7) The Leav'n of Liverpoole,
8) Barrett's Privateers,
9) The Irish Rover,
10) The Mermaid,
11) Haul Away Joe/Drunk'n Sailor,
12) The Original Sea Song (The Unicorn),
13) Paddy Lay Back,
14) Home Boys Home.


Shamrocks In The Wind/Murphy's Law ™ © Copyright 2001
By Request CD Photo
By Request!...Live Performance!
"By Request" is a collection of "Live" songs requested by our American Irish fans for St.Patrick's Day Celebrations.

1) The Traveling People,
2) Black Velvet Band
3) I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen,
4) Old Maid In A Garret,
5) Come Day Go Day,
6) Danny Boy,
7) The Butcher Boy,
8) The Bantry Girls Lament,
9) Rothsio,
10) The Bonnie Shoals Of Herring,
11) The Water Is Wide,
12) Kevin Barry,
13) Amazing Grace,
14) My Wild Irish Rose,
15) Irish Soldier Boy,
16) The Rising Of The Moon,
17) When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,
18) Spancil Hill,
19) Haste Ye Back

Shamrocks In The Wind/Murphy's Law ™ © Copyright 1998
Frolick'n With Friends CD Photo
Frolick'n With Friends... - Live Performance!
"Frolickin" is volume one of a live show recorded at "Galways Irish Pub.". These are NOT "technically perfect", but it certainly captures the fun of a vibrant pub. Our fans decided what songs should be included on these recordings.

1) John O'Dreams
2) Dear Boss
3) The Silly Slang Song
4) Dingle Fair
5) I Don't Mind If I Do
6) Danny Boy
7) Poverty Knock
8) Paddy Works On The Railway
9) The Morning Glory
10) A Fine Time To Leave
11) The Green Fields Of France
12) Mary Mack
13) Shame & Scandal
14) Charlie Mopps

Shamrocks In The Wind / Murphy's Law ™ © Copyright 1997
DownUnder CD Photo
Walkabout DownUnder
Soundtrack Songs from the video…..

1) Click Go The Shears 03:17
2) The Black Velvet Band 03:33
3) Bluee Brink 03:50
4) The Fields Of Athenry 04:09
5) The Wild Colonial Boy 04:13
6) One Of The Hasbeens 02:54
7) The Belle Of Broughton 03:47
8) A Pub With No Beer 02:26
9) The Overlander 02:50
10) Tie Me Kangaroo Down 03:28
11) The BushTelegraph 03:07
12) Morningtown Ride 03:01
13) Bondi Beach 01:14
14) Botany Bay 02:22
15) An Aussie BBQ 02:49
16) Wooloomooloo 02:48
17) The Redback Spider 02:34
18) Waltzing Matilda 02:37

Shamrocks In The Wind ™ © Copyright 2010
Dragons In Her Hair CD Photo
Dragons In Her Hair!....
A tribute to Celtic women! Karen Tracy of K103 FM says.... "Beautiful!......I've always loved authentic Celtic music, and very much liked your CD. Thank you for sharing your very special CD with me ......…." "Dragons in Her Hair" is Karol's tribute to the women of The Celtic Nations– their strength and their persistence in the face of terrible times. This CD also features two original song releases - the first recording of Sean Slattery's tribute to his mother, "Warrior Woman" and Karol's very personal "Dragons in Her Hair". The CD includes a snippet of our Full traditional Irish music and dance children's video DVD!

1) Oh,Grace,
2) Castle of Dromore,
3) Irish Soldier Boy,
4) The Wee Folk,
5) What Ireland Means to Me,
6) Ye Banks and Braes,
7) Skibbereen,
8) Dragons in Her Hair,
9) The Reel in the Flicker'n Light,
10) The Bantry Girls,
11) A Lady Fair,
12) Warrior Woman,
13) Dumbarton's Drums.

Shamrocks In The Wind / Murphy's Law ™ © Copyright 1999
The Flowering Thorn CD Photo
The Flowering Thorn...
A tribute to the Irish!
"This CD was recorded in honor of those who have suffered and died for peace." This CD is dedicated to the struggle to survive and seek freedom in Ireland and to the spirit of the people to persevere against all odds. Laugh, cry & sing along.....

1) Belfast Mill
2) The Foggy Dew
3) The Jolly Tinker
4) The Castle of Dramore
5) Irish Soldier Laddie
6) Boulevoule
7) Johnson's Motor Car
8) The Spinning Wheel
9) Rhoddy McCorley
10) Dublin in the Rare Old Times
11) On Lonely Banistrand
12) Rock On Rock All ***
13) John O' Dreams
14) Donegal Danny
15) The Town I Loved So Well
16) Ye Banks & Braes
17) Courtin' in the Kitchen
18) There Were Roses
19) Peter's Song


Shamrocks In The Wind/Murphy's Law ™ © Copyright 1997
Heritage CD Photo
Heritage ..
"Heritage" is a collection of 19th and 20th century Irish songs and ballads that show the wide range of topics and styles in Irish music: rebel songs, freedom songs, pub songs, and just plain fun songs.

1) Only Our Rivers Run Free,
2) Irish Dragoons
3) Bonnie Bessie Logan,
4) Finnigan's Wake,
5) Nancy Spain,
6) Irish Rover,
7) 7-Nights Drunk,
8) The Fields of Athenry,
9) Brennon on the Moor,
10) The Ferryman,
11) An Alsation Once Again,
12) Maggie,
13) Whatever You Do - Say Nothing,
14) Dumbarton's Drums,
15) The Merry Ploughboy,
16) Galway Bay,
17) Children Born Of Hate,
18) The Wee Folk (With a wee bit of help.)


Shamrocks In The Wind/Murphy's Law ™ © Copyright 1995